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LearnDelphi.tv is the Internets premier site for instructional video on using Delphi.  Since about 2007 I've been producing free video tutorials on using Delphi.  More recently I've created a series of commercial videos which provide amazing value for money.  While aimed at beginners, even seasoned Delphi users should find the content useful.

Training and Consultancy

Sometimes watching videos and reading articles isn't enough to learn what you need - often it is far more helpful to talk to a real person.  Finding a Delphi expert you can communicate with can be a tricky problem - no longer. Alister Christie is now available on Skype for consultation on Delphi problems and training.



Alister Christie's 'Building Applications in Delphi Using the Visual Component Library' series is an easy to follow, to the point, and no-nonsense method for learning to program in the great language of Delphi. Among other things, Alister's series covers one of the most important, and incredibly vast, parts of the language, the component library. In a well versed, and incredibly easy to follow way, Alister takes each component in Delphi's library and talks about each one of their properties and events. The series' whopping coverage of Delphi components, Alister's incredibly easy to follow instructions, and his down to earth teaching approach, is what really sets this series apart from other training videos. As I mentioned to him already, "You keep making 'em Alister, and I'll keep buying 'em."

Troy Lamire

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1 Movie #116 - Fractals, Parallel Programing, Code Optimization and Cross Platform Alister Christie 1442
2 Movie #115 - Syntax Highlighting Colors Alister Christie 3893
3 Movie #114 - Indentation Alister Christie 3589
4 Movie #113 - Flexible and Supercharged Key Hashing with TDictionary (CodeRage X replay) Alister Christie 5824
5 Movie #112 - Tab Order Alister Christie 5680
6 Movie #111 - Using TGridPanel to Control Proportional Layouts Alister Christie 9383
7 Movie #110 - Building VCL Dialogs Administrator 9389
8 Movie #109 - Working with Legacy Code Alister Christie 8230
9 Movie #108 - Touch Scrolling in VCL Apps Alister Christie 8490
10 Movie #107 - Become Your Own Art Department (CodeRage 9) Alister Christie 8190
11 Movie #106 - Express Quantum Grid First Impressions Alister Christie 7503
12 Movie #105 - Refactoring Skill Sprint Alister Christie 8679
13 Movie #104 - Loops with Guard Clauses Alister Christie 7940
14 Movie #103 - Property Code Templates Alister Christie 7698
15 Movie #102 - Alignment Ordering Problem Alister Christie 5747
16 Movie #101 - Component Prefix Wizard Alister Christie 5946
17 Movie #100 - Structural Highlighting Alister Christie 5864
18 Movie #99 - Mouse Cursors in FireMonkey Alister Christie 5148
19 Movie #98 - Exit Alister Christie 4652
20 Movie #97 - Common Delphi Coding Anti-Patterns Alister Christie 5436
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