Introduction is the Internets premier site for instructional video on using Delphi.  Since about 2007 I've been producing free video tutorials on using Delphi.  More recently I've created a series of commercial videos which provide amazing value for money.  While aimed at beginners, even seasoned Delphi users should find the content useful.

Training and Consultancy

Sometimes watching videos and reading articles isn't enough to learn what you need - often it is far more helpful to talk to a real person.  Finding a Delphi expert you can communicate with can be a tricky problem - no longer. Alister Christie is now available on Skype for consultation on Delphi problems and training.



Being entirely new to Delphi I found your videos extremely useful because I’m able to actually watch you working.  I’ve seen many Delphi code examples on the web but very often they are only code, but for me I wanted to know how the graphical elements were pulled together as well… because you do this while you are explaining the components it has given me a handle on what is going on and how it all comes together.  Anyway thank you so much for the video’s.  I’ve bought many teaching aids, books etc… in the past but they get opened looked at and then I find my own way in the end so they don’t get used… I have USED your videos!

Thanks once again,


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1 Movie #105 - Refactoring Skill Spring Alister Christie 455
2 Movie #104 - Loops with Guard Clauses Alister Christie 804
3 Movie #103 - Property Code Templates Alister Christie 631
4 Movie #102 - Alignment Ordering Problem Alister Christie 485
5 Movie #101 - Component Prefix Wizard Alister Christie 757
6 Movie #100 - Structural Highlighting Alister Christie 1199
7 Movie #99 - Mouse Cursors in FireMonkey Alister Christie 1038
8 Movie #98 - Exit Alister Christie 1649
9 Movie #97 - Common Delphi Coding Anti-Patterns Alister Christie 2749
10 Movie #96 - Escaping the Try...Finally...Free Nest Alister Christie 2524
11 Movie #95 - Margins and Padding Confusion Alister Christie 1823
12 Movie #94 - Begin instead of Initialization Alister Christie 2642
13 Movie #93 - Fish Facts for iOS Alister Christie 2916
14 Movie #92 - Renaming Component Events Alister Christie 2630
15 Movie #91 - Assigning to an Items Property Alister Christie 2603
16 Movie #90 - Code Fonts Alister Christie 2540
17 Movie #89 - Implementing Interfaces Shortcuts Alister Christie 2758
18 Movie #88 - OnCreateItemClass Alister Christie 2692
19 Movie #87 - Command Line Parameters Alister Christie 2810
20 Movie #86 - Getting help with Delphi Alister Christie 2730
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