I'm a newbie to Delphi and was looking round (for a while) for some video's to give me a head start. Luckly for me I found Alister's site - not only are there many free videos and infomation snippits, there are also two (currently) brilliant and comprehensive paid videos. The vid's are a great price and are packed full of info about delphi in general, loads of components, how to use them and some comedy too! If you don't buy them, you'll always be behind me...

Nothing else to add by way of improvements, but if you do another - i'll be purchasing it!

Thanks for all your work - it's a great help to me.

Kind regards,



Book Review #13 - Delphi XE Intraweb XI Book

In this video Alister Christie reviews The Delphi XE Intraweb XI book by Bob Swart.  You can watch the video on YouTube Here.  Additionally you can get the book from Bob's website



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