Alister Christie's 'Building Applications in Delphi Using the Visual Component Library' series is an easy to follow, to the point, and no-nonsense method for learning to program in the great language of Delphi. Among other things, Alister's series covers one of the most important, and incredibly vast, parts of the language, the component library. In a well versed, and incredibly easy to follow way, Alister takes each component in Delphi's library and talks about each one of their properties and events. The series' whopping coverage of Delphi components, Alister's incredibly easy to follow instructions, and his down to earth teaching approach, is what really sets this series apart from other training videos. As I mentioned to him already, "You keep making 'em Alister, and I'll keep buying 'em."

Troy Lamire


Book Review #4 - Code Complete 2

Code Complete ImageThis is my review of Code Complete Second Edition by Steve McConnell - A Practical handbook of software construction.

As per usual I have a Ultra brief review summary: WOW!

To say that I was impressed by this book would be somewhat of an understatement.  This book covers almost every aspect of software construction - mostly focusing on the writting of the code itself.  When you read it you may find youself going "oh, I new that" - this would be due to the large amount of common sense it contains - to which we all need reminding.  But there is also a huge volume of information and advice which may not be so obvious and it has studies and statistics to back them up.

One could call this book: Steve McConnells extensive experience with software construction distilled down to a mere 960 pages.  Because of it's size it took me quite a long time to get all the way through it - fortunately it's well organised into bite size chunks (I believe the technical term is chapters).

I found this book to be very well written, and only noticed one mistake in the entire book (which is impressive for a book of its size and detai).  Code examples are in C++, Java and Visual Basic, but none of the examples are particularly complex or use any advanced language features so your fairly safe if you're not expert in them.  I seem to remember Delphi getting a mention once or twice in the book - it's fair to say this is not a very Delphi centric book.  However I got a lot out of it and my main focus is Delphi.

You probably need a fair amount of programming knowledge to get maximal benefit from this book

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