I very much like the style of your videos, a little informal and conversational at times which helps to understand the thought process behind the code. Many of them are still too advanced for me though.

Hope you continue with the blog videos as well, enjoy them very much.

I’d like to thank you for your free videos, there a fantastic resource for people like myself who struggle on in almost complete isolation.

I’ve watched most of your free videos and I have purchased both of your Delphi videos. I’ll definitely purchase number three if you get it done.


Andrew Emmans

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Building Data Aware Applications using the VCL

Delphi is all about writing applications that interact with data and in this video we cover the components that will allow you to do this, we build on our previous videos and examine how the data aware versions of controls are used.

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Table of Contents
00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:34 TDataModule
00:04:01 TDBGrid
00:05:31 TDBGrid OnDrawColumnCell
00:11:17 TDBGrid Columns
00:17:32 TDBGrid SelectedRows
00:20:29 TDBGrid Fields
00:22:33 TDBText
00:24:16 TDBEdit
00:26:11 TDBNavigator
00:31:39 TDBMemo
00:32:48 TDBImage
00:41:17 TDBRichEdit
00:43:52 TDBCheckBox
00:46:46 TDBComboBox
00:48:47 TDBListBox
00:50:11 TDBRadioGroup
00:52:34 TDBLookupComboBox and TDBLookupListBox
00:59:46 Win 3.1 Controls (Avoid)
01:00:58 TDBCtrlGrid
01:08:30 TDataSource
01:19:26 Avoid using Forms from DataModules
01:34:16 Using standard events on controls
01:36:49 Creating DataModules at Runtime
01:39:42 Livebinding 5 minute demo
01:44:05 Summary

If you can't find a copy on your machine, here is the biolife.xml file we use for our data.

While it's recommended that you watch the Building VCL Apps videos and the TClientDataSet videos it is not required.

This video does not cover talking to databases or Livebindings in any detail (this will be done in future videos).



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