Alister’s videos are truly the fastest way to get started in Delphi. I would definitely recommend anyone starting out to buy them. The videos are really easy to follow and interesting – beats reading tedious technical books any day. I especially like working through a real application including a section on using an installer to deploy.

The LearnDelphi.tv site is also a great resource with lots of brilliant free videos and information.

I can’t wait for the next series. Awesome work Alister!


Home Products Video Building Applications in Delphi Using the Visual Component Library - Part 3

Building Applications in Delphi Using the Visual Component Library - Part 3

In this video we tackle two of the most complex Delphi components in the VCL:  TListView and TTreeView - almost half of this video is dedicated to them.  I find myself using TListView regularly in developing my VCL applications, so it is a very important component to cover.  TTreeView is also important especially if you want to represent hierarchical information.  In the second half we cover all of the dialog components, you will find yourself using the open and save dialogs all the time, so it is important to know them inside and out. In each video I cover a property that is used by most of the controls, this time we look at context sensitive help - a highly important topic for the usability of your applications.

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Table of Contents:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:35 Elements into a TImageList
00:18:07 TListView
01:47:00 TTreeView
02:42:41 Directory Tree Example
02:56:41 TOpenDialog
03:13:33 TSaveDialog
03:15:22 TOpen & SavePictureDialog
03:17:54 TOpen & SaveTextFileDialog
03:27:13 TFileOpenDialog
03:46:03 TFileSaveDialog
03:50:48 TFontDialog
04:01:03 TColorDialog
04:04:24 TFindDialog
04:10:02 TReplaceDialog
04:14:04 TPrintDialog
04:18:50 TPrinterSetupDialog
04:20:34 TPageSetupDialog
04:24:41 TTaskDialog
04:45:44 TGauge
04:48:51 TColorGrid
04:51:03 TSpinButton
04:53:25 TSpinEdit
04:54:29 TCalendar & TDirectoryOutline (Avoid)
04:55:04 TFileListBox, TDirectoryListBox, TDriveComboBox & TFilterComboBox (Avoid)
04:57:44 TTabbedNotebook & TNotebook (Avoid)
05:01:30 TOutline (Depricated)
05:03:57 THeader
05:04:42 THeaderControl
05:23:33 Context Sensitive Help
05:46:17 More Form Properties
06:05:18 Summary of Components Covered
06:07:55 Closing Words
06:08:19 End



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